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H E L L O   T H E R E!

Here to make you feel present on your wedding day, while getting the most epic photos of you and your loved ones. 


This is your story, your families coming to together and I don't want you to miss a thing. 

With 13 years of experience, I can help create a timeline that leaves us room to take a step back and take it all in, or get back to dancing! Either works for me.


I want you to feel  present on your wedding day. I want to slow down time so you feel the day and all that comes with it. Most importantly I want to capture the energy and feel that you worked so hard to obtain.

Each wedding I photograph, I show up fulling leaning in to what you have planned and built over the course of the year. My ultimate goal is that your wedding gallery reflects exactly how you felt on one of the most special days of your lives. 

Working with me I can guarantee you two things: We are going to laugh a lot, and secondly you are going to feel completely comfortable and the photos will reflect that. 

Can't wait to learn more about you guys, and document the biggest day in your lives...Just that way you have planned it. 

For timeline advice and other things check out my FAQ

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Lauren was the absolute BEST to work with on all fronts. During the planning process we went over all the details and also got to know each other a little bit on a personal level - which helped us feel more comfortable when it was time to be in front of the camera. Lauren has the most positive and caring energy. She made us feel so calm throughout our wedding day - even through the chaotic moments! When we got our photos back, we were totally floored with the outcome.They came out better than we ever imagined. Lauren is a 10/10








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