H E L L O   T H E R E!

I'm so glad you made it here! This little space here, is what I L O V E to do. I keep it simple. It's about you guys and one of the most important days of your lives. It's about celebrating your love for each other. This is your story, your families coming to together and the beginning of one of the most epic adventures!

Marriage is the B E S T adventure and is worth celebrating every single step of the way.​ On wedding days, I live for the crazy bursts of laughter, friends uniting, insane dance moves, candid smiles, and the sweetest of moments between the bride and groom. These moments matter. 


Photography is far more than just pretty dresses, and florals (although I love that too!). Its absolute foundation is connection. Connection with people, connection with each other, and connection to the day. That is what will make it meaningful. 

My approach is to capture the experience of the day. I want you to look back at your wedding day and say "That is totally US!". Because it should be about the two of you together aaattttt lassssst! Cue Etta James!


We used Lauren for our wedding on 8/4/2018 and she was fantastic! Her & Halie were amazing to work with and really made the photo process fun! She is an expert at spacing out the timeline for pictures so you are never feeling overwhelmed or exhausted from taking too many pictures. During the reception, she blended in with the crowd and captured such fun moments! She was seriously a dance floor ninja!

During an otherwise stressful day, she knows how to make you laugh and feel comfortable in front of a camera. Recommend x 1000000!!




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