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the gal behind the camera


I am based in NJ, but traveling is my favorite! 

I love all things adventure. Most of our trips include waterfalls and hot spring hunting. I have been as far as Indonesia, but my favorite places are right here in the U.S. I have been married for 10 years to my darling Dan. We now have two little ladies Stella + Thea. I love the mountains, Jesus, and guacamole.

So looking forward to hearing about your love story and being apart of your greatest adventure!

- Lauren -

Photo: @OliviaFaith_


Morning or Night?

Can I say neither?? But, If I had to choose I'd say morning. I hate wasting the day!

How did Dan

and I meet?

We met at church. Back when we were in 8th grade. We became really good friends through out high school and didn't start dating until I was a sophomore in college. Our first real date was at a Turkish restaurant

Favorite place to be?

Favorite food?

This is a tie between Pizza and Tacos. Dan and I do pizza night twice a month. But, tacos are tacos and I love toppings! 

We go to Wyoming every other year for a ski trip. It is just something about that place that is so so special. If you've been... you know! Also, because secretly If I didn't live in NJ, we would most definitely be out west living the mountain life!

What do I love most about Weddings?

This is easy! Of course I love, LOVE and all that good stuff. But, more importantly I love marriage. It is such a gift, and when you find your person the world just makes sense again. I get to capture the kick off to your story. Where it will all begins. Between the ups and the downs, you will always have this day to look back on. 




Fun Facts!


I have never had my very own room!! I grew up with a sister, had roommates, then got married! I find this hilarious!


I have sky dived, and bungee jumped off the highest bungee in the worllldddd! 


When I was 19 I moved to Colorado to go snowboarding.

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